Who is CMS?

CMS (CEESI Measurement Solutions) is a division of CEESI that provides consulting services with field-testing capabilities. We offer our clients on-site/off-site analysis and measurement solutions, including Lost-And-Unaccounted-For (LAUF) fluids, and system balancing. CMS has been operating since 2011 and has staff located across in Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and Iowa. We offers a wide range of measurement engineering services with a focus on measurement performance, but specialize in System Balance Analysis (LAUF), Field Audits/Assessments, Allocation Measurement, and Flow Algorithm Verification.

CMS is managed by Casey Hodges, P.E. Casey, and the rest of the CMS engineering staff, specialize in system balance issues, gas measurement, standards compliance, and project management. Casey gained valuable experience prior while working for CEESI in the engineering and training departments prior to accepting the role of Director of CMS. CMS staff work closely with the rest of the CEESI staff to address client challenges as well as other Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc. (W.E.S.T) companies including: CEESmaRT, RT Technical Solutions, & Flow Systems. Contact us about helping you address your measurement challenges.